Honest entrepreneurship is geared towards the future. We truly believe this and try to embody it in our duties as an employer. Our employees are the main asset of our company. Every rose passes through their hands. We would like our employees to be proud Linssen Roses representatives and do our utmost to contribute to this.

Good terms of employment make for happy employees.

In order to instil the importance of our employees in our DNA, we have committed ourselves to obtain an MPS-SQ certificate. This means that our terms of employment and the working conditions of our employees are at all times up to the international standards. Our employees receive holiday pay, a fixed weekly rest day, sufficient pregnancy leave, and work in a clean and safe working environment. Every year, our employees are medically tested, and we take care of all their medical bills. Linssen Roses also pays higher wages than is customary on the regional market.

Besides our employees, we also deeply care about our direct environment. Linssen Roses supports various local developments, projects, and cultural activities.