We strive to be as energy-neutral as possible in the process of creating the optimal circumstances for the growth of our roses. Our rose farm uses polytunnels with smart ventilation and ingenious irrigation. Where possible, we use biological pest control to curb infestations and diseases.

Special polytunnels

We cultivate our roses in special polytunnels, comparable with those used in the Netherlands. Instead of glass, our tunnels have polythene foil. Because climate fluctuations in Ethiopia are less extreme, the heavier Dutch system is unnecessary.

Smart ventilation

Our polytunnels have a fixed ventilation shaft. The sides of the polytunnels have a smart closing mechanism in order to regulate the atmospheric humidity level on the inside. When atmospheric humidity levels are high and there is little wind, we open the sides to ventilate the polytunnels and provide fresh air.

Ingenious irrigation system

We pump our spring water from a 200-metre-deep well. We add all the nutrients that our plants need to this very clean water. Because of this very clean spring water, the solution is immediately ready for irrigation and doesn’t need to be filtered first. Our irrigation system makes sure the plants get the amount of water that is precisely right for them. This system prevents waste of water and nutrients. We determine the quantity of water that our plants need each day

Effective disease and pest control

Roses are a bit like people: to prevent disease is better than to cure it. When the conditions for growth are optimal, the chances of contracting fungal infections are low.

Mildew is a fungal infection that thinly coats the plant but can easily be prevented by creating those optimal conditions. This also reduces the use of chemicals. The relatively low temperatures in the polytunnels prevent insects from developing, which makes for easier pest control. When cultivating our roses, we strive to be as people-friendly and environmentally friendly as possible. For this reason, we use pesticides that cause as little damage as possible. We spend a lot of our time looking for the right, natural pesticides, in order to curb our use of chemicals. The use of artificial fertilizers and chemicals on our rose farm is constantly monitored by the certifying organizations. Linssen Roses’ high scores in this respect show that our approach has been very successful.

Renewable energy

We use renewable energy, i.e. energy from non-fossil energy sources. Our electric current is hydro-powered, as this is an inexhaustible source of energy that doesn’t release any harmful substances.